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Hello we’re rested axel and the gingers here at WB OCS historic studio D you’re watching Delmarva life rusted axle and the gym geez can’t wait to hear these guys. you know more people want to know where their food is coming from and what’s going into producing it. something that is apparent since according to the nutrition business journal organic sales accounted for more than three point five percent of total u.s. food sales in 2012. Well one of the best ways to know for sure where your vegetables come from is to grow your own. Grizzlies landscape supply and services can help you do just that chemical free.

Doc Grizzly of Grizzlies landscape supplies and service says in the more than 20 years he’s been in business he’s seen a lot of change especially the past five years. He says most of that change has to do with the Economy. Landscaping, gardens, plants lawns that sort of thing that is considered by many people rightfully so as a bit of an addition of luxury you might say and so that part of the business has gone through and hopefully is coming out of a slight recession and the in this area. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t planting gardens. On the other hand is seen as a way to save money and so the interest in home gardening raised bed gardens like we have here has heightened over the last six or eight years because people see that as a way of getting less expensive vegetables in the house. Another shift grizzly sees has been in how gardeners are planting he says they’re choosing a more natural or organic approach. We use organic that word kind of sparingly but we we are focused on organic or natural gardening.

That’s why Grizzlies carries products for that purpose more and more people are using natural methods to feed, to weed their lawns and gardens they’re using natural ingredients especially. In vegetable gardening because they’re going to be the recipients of the fruits of that garden and they want them to be clean and without chemical Additions. Grizzly says it all starts in the soil one of the most common questions we get here at Grizzlies how do you grow anything around here? And the answer is in good soil. Because of the nature geologically of the Delmarva Peninsula it’s pretty much a sandbar and that problem has been exacerbated over the years by chemical farming, abuse and misuse so we offer a screened blended with compost topsoil that is a growing medium and this is the way to begin having a rich and healthy growing situation. Grizzly says the blend of screened soil and compost creates an exceptional growing medium that actually feeds the plants naturally leaf mulch is another natural way to feed your plants. It’s new for Grizzlies, old in nature one of the original mulches because it occurs naturally in all forests when the trees drop their leaves on to the ground they sit there and decompose over time and turn into nutrient plant food. Grizzly says leaf mulch holds moisture in the soil and it doesn’t blow away one way to make sure your garden soil and mulch stays contained is with a raised bed garden. we sell this as a full package we deliver it set it up fill it with soil.

Another benefit to the raised bed garden is easy access to your plants. it gives you an opportunity to garden everything from outside the garden so you never have to walk around your plants and walking around the plants compacts the soil. And take a look at this raised bed garden it’s planted in what’s called a smart pot. When plants are put into pots and it doesn’t really matter whether there are ceramic pots clay pots or plastic pots, if they’re left in for a certain period of time they get root bound and what that means is that the roots of the plant extend out and then they begin running around the inside of the container so with a smart pot this fabric pod when a plant is placed in soil in here and the roots begin their migration outward looking for food and nutrition. When they reach the edge they sense that there is air on the other side and what happens is a process called air pruning so instead of making that journey around the pot. the root sends the energy that it would use to do that back into the plant by sending the energy back into the plant it causes the plant to flourish and to grow. as the move toward chemical free gardening continues to grow grizzly wants to make sure customers are educated we will do on-site consultation it’s free of charge we’ll go to your house and talk to you about your gardens whether they’re flower vegetable gardens talk to people about what they can do to enhance their lawn. Moving local gardeners forward by going back to the basics and grizzlies also sells pine needles clam shells railroad ties cut granite and various stone. And if you would like to learn more about grizzlies landscape supply and services including organic gardening go to and click on the show tab. I knew the roots would go around the pot but I didn’t realize you could actually get him to now let’s do the plant now. Yeah and that neat that’s pretty cool well still ahead on Delmarva life in between her movie roles her television appearances her charity work, Jane Seymour found a few moments to spend with us and we’re going to talk to her next about her latest project starring the newest american girl film will also hear from James young co-star Sydney former and a little later they specialize in acoustic harmony rusted axle when the gingers take the Delmarva life stage light.