About Us

We’ve been serving homeowners and green industry professionals since 1978.

Our retail area includes all of Sussex County, Delaware. Our wholesale customers range up and down the mid-Atlantic area from Washington, D.C. to central New Jersey.

The move toward chemical free gardening is growing each year and Grizzly’s Landscape Supply has been at the forefront of this development on Delmarva. As a founding member of the Delaware Composting Association (now the Mid Atlantic Composting Association), Doc Grizzly continues to play an important role in promoting the composting process to reduce community waste stream.

About Doc Grizzly

The president of Grizzly’s Landscape Supply, Doc has been helping homeowners with mulch, soil and compost questions for over 25 years. He has advised gardeners and industry professionals on natural gardening techniques and nature based garden products throughout the Delmarva Peninsula. Doc is a member of the Delaware Nurserymen and Landscapers Association.

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